Bike Accident Claims

As our bike injury lawyers know, being involved in a bike accident can be a terrifying experience. Especially if you become injured and another vehicle was involved. With the rise in riders and drivers on our roads post pandemic, the chances of crashing whilst riding your bike are at an all-time high.

Tragically, the most common time for a cycling fatality to occur is Wednesday between 8 am and 10 am. Middle aged males are three times as more likely to be killed whilst cycling than their female counterparts.

If you have been injured on the road whilst in a bike accident you may be eligible for compensation. We have a team of dedicated bike accident lawyers who can advise you on your financial entitlements.

Most of our bicycle accident injury lawyers are cyclists themselves and understand just how physically vulnerable cyclists can be in traffic, which is why we are invested in obtaining the maximum compensation payouts for our injured cyclist clients.

Depending on your injury your bicycle accident solicitor may be able to help you obtain the following compensation entitlements;

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Medical and like expenses
  • Lump Sum Impairment Benefit; and
  • Lump Sum Common Law Claims for Damages
  • Household Support Services
  • Travel costs for medical appointments
  • A widowed spouse or other bereaved dependents such as children may make a compensation claim on behalf of the deceased cyclist.


Most bike accidents occur in urban areas, in fact up to 80% comparative to rural settings. Not surprisingly, due to congestion and other Melbourne based obstacles such as trams and hook turns most cycle accidents and subsequent injuries and fatalities occur in the CBD.

Motorcycle accidents are caused by a variety of factors, for example failure to detect motorcycles in traffic, vehicles turning left in front of a motorcycle, speed, blind spots and lane filtering.

Most fatalities are caused by vehicle collisions coming from the opposing direction or motorcycles being run off the road.

Studies show dedicated cycling lanes do cause less bike accidents, injuries and fatalities. By acting as a calming mechanism for all traffic, they also help reduce car accidents too by reducing speed and increasing caution. The good news is, many local councils around Victoria are committed to building more cycling lanes to increase safety on our roads.

According to the TAC there are over 11 fatalities and 400 hospitalisations per year as a result of Victorian bike accidents. With most non serious cycling accidents going unreported, the actual number of total cycling crashes remains unknown.

Collisions with cars cause the majority of injury inducing bike accidents. Many drivers fail to see a cyclist in their blind spot.

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