Maximise abuse compensation before entering Redress Scheme

If you are a survivor of institutional sexual abuse, it is vital that you consider all of your legal options to ensure you receive the right level of compensation owed to you for your suffering. The National Redress Scheme was created to administer a second shot at compensation for those who may have received minimal payouts in the past, or none at all.

Arnold Thomas & Becker warns abuse survivors that The National Redress Scheme could leave you unfairly short-changed. All victims of institutional sexual abuse, including state wards, clergy abuse survivors and others, should speak to our expert abuse team before entering into any compensation agreement.

Our experienced lawyers handle cases like this on a regular basis and will provide you with compassionate support to ensure you are appropriately compensated for the trauma inflicted upon you.

What are the limitations of the current scheme?

The National Redress Scheme offers a maximum of just $150,000, based on their measurement of the severity of your abuse. To receive this, survivors must waiver their rights at further compensation in the future.

Arnold Thomas & Becker know that no monetary amount can repair the suffering you have endured. On top of this, you may have experienced a loss of earnings. A civil law case with Arnold Thomas & Becker can be significantly higher and more in line with what you deserve than what the Redress Scheme will provide. A civil action created by us on behalf of victims can result in significant compensation, which from our experience well exceeds the redress cap.

We can offer a more efficient compensation solution that lessens what can otherwise be a stressful process.

How Arnold Thomas & Becker can help

Our specialist team offer proper legal advice and aim to settle abuse matters as quickly as possible. In some instances, we have issued proceedings in the same week as the meeting with the client.

We feel that The Redress Scheme has a multitude of deficiencies and does not offer the correct reparations for survivors of sexual abuse. This process is insulting to survivors as it fails to acknowledge that all forms of abuse, whether sexual, physical, or psychological, are worthy of compensation.

Our team works to bring civil actions on behalf of victims to attain significant compensation for all types of abuse. Our previous cases have seen substantial payouts, well above the redress cap.

We look to provide survivors a voice, vindication, validation and justice.

The Duncan Storrar case Study

Following years of institutional sexual and physical abuse within Boys Homes, Arnold Thomas & Becker client Duncan Storrar would have been eligible for up to $75,000 compensation through the fixed pricing model of The National Redress Scheme. However, Duncan knew he could maximise his compensation by pursuing a civil claim. Arnold Thomas & Becker Lawyers were able to secure him close to $1,000,000 compensation.

Duncan became topical when he appeared on Q&A in 2016 and challenged the panel as to why minimum wage earners were not entitled to the same tax cuts as higher income earners. Storrar was bullied by the media, little did they know about his backstory and the horrific abuse he survived leading to depression, drug addiction and poverty.

Duncan says, “Redress is dangerous. I could have got $75,000. You only get that if you are lucky, no one is getting $150,000. I know for a fact it is hurting and mentally stressing people out as it does not do the job it is meant to do. People who get money at the end of it feel worse as it goes so quickly.

Arnold Thomas & Becker got me close to $1,000,000 through a civil claim. If you qualify for redress you will qualify for civil court. I know everyone’s circumstances and compensation are different and my pay out was exceptional. I was fortunate as I have been able to buy a house and have permanent secure accommodation and income for the rest of my life into old age.

This is what redress should do, yet it doesn’t. It is important for ex state wards to know they have security for their futures too. We are all terrified of when we are in old age and don’t want go back to institutions who abused us that is our biggest fear. Arnold Thomas & Becker has solved that issue for me.
If you take redress, you can’t come back and bring another claim for compensation, that’s it. And $75,000, what can you really do with that? There is no justice in any of this.”

Claim what you are owed for lost income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering with help from our expert team. Our no win no fee policy removes any financial risk from you. If you are a survivor of institutional sexual abuse, speak to us to understand all of the information before entering into The National Redress Scheme.

Our team can advise you on your legal rights, contact Arnold Thomas & Becker for the best advice on redress and compensation today.

Frequently asked questions

The National Redress Scheme was supposed to provide fair recognition to victims who were unfairly compensated in the past, or not at all. However, some survivors are only eligible to receive a maximum of just $150,000, depending on the severity of the sexual abuse. In return, survivors must sign away all of their rights to future pain and suffering and loss of earnings damages.

The National Redress Scheme is only open to people who have experienced sexual abuse while they were under 18 years of age, before 1 July 2018 and an institution was responsible for bringing you into contact with the person who abused you. You must have been born before 30 June 2010 and be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

The scheme includes exceptions for anyone who was abused in an institution that hasn’t joined the National Redress Scheme, has ever been sentenced to more than five years in jail, or has already received a payment related to the abuse.

A civil action on behalf of victims can result in significant compensation for all types of abuse, which from our experience well exceeds the redress cap. Civil litigation also provides survivors with a never heard before voice as well as a strong sense of vindication, validation and justice.

The first step requires you to speak to one of our expert personal abuse lawyers who will answer the phone immediately and listen to your situation. They will advise you on your legal options and offer any information you require.

During your consultation, your dedicated lawyer will assess your situation and formulate a legal plan. The steps we’ll take to help you get the financial compensation you deserve will be explained to you and we will begin work to get the best outcome possible.