Lump Sum Impairment Benefits

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Workers compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits to Australian workers who are injured or contract illnesses arising from their job. In Victoria, this insurance is known as WorkCover and is managed by WorkSafe, the OHS arm of the Victorian WorkCover Authority. Commonwealth employees are covered under a different scheme known as Comcare.

Confused? You’re not alone. Workers compensation claims can be complex and dealing with Government authorities daunting…especially at a time when you are trying to cope with the trauma and consequences of being injured at work. Getting independent legal advice prior to making a claim is a smart idea and helps remove a lot of the stress and anxiety associated with the process, including any disputes which may arise.

Understanding the permanent impairment benefit

If you have a permanent impairment which is the result of a work-related injury or illness you may be eligible for a once-off lump sum payment. For the benefit to apply the injury must be classed as permanent, such as a spinal cord injury, amputation, disfigurement, severe mental disorder or permanent loss of movement in your shoulder. You may not be eligible if you have recovered from your accident or illness and now have no loss of mobility or bodily functions. For example, you suffered a broken arm that has now fully healed.

Your injury can be assessed for an impairment benefit after 12 months after the date of your injury.

Your degree of impairment is assessed based on a set of guides and instructions applied by independent medical examiners. These guides take into account factors like range of motion and loss of function. Mental injuries can also be assessed. Based on the assessment your degree of impairment will be assessed as a particular percentage.

As a general guide the amount of a lump sum payment is arrived at by determining whether your injury meets the impairment percentage threshold, and then calculating your entitlement. The higher the percentage of impairment, the greater your entitlement.

WorkCover lump sum payments are available in addition to any other workers compensation payments or services you may be receiving and may even be claimed after you return to work.

WorkCover payouts for back injuries

One of the most common body parts to be injured at work is the back. Many workers suffer from slipped, ruptured or bulging disc injuries. We recommend workers with these types of injuries should make an impairment benefit claim. At Arnold Thomas & Becker we have extensive experience in WorkCover payouts for back injuries and a proven track record in winning significant settlements.

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