Institutional Abuse Register

Sadly, institutional abuse is prolific throughout Australia. Both historically and to this present day. If you have suffered abuse within an institution, you are not alone.

We have worked with hundreds of abuse survivors pursuing justice through sexual abuse compensation. These brave survivors have suffered sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse through institutions such as the church, schools and state care facilities such as orphanages, asylums, juvenile detention centres, prisons and rest homes.

Through this vast experience navigating through many complex abuse cases, our team of institutional sexual abuse lawyers have developed an institutional abuse register that holds crucial information that could support your claim.

Institutional Abuse Register Australia

Our register holds details on notorious institutions where abuse has occurred, key offenders, dates and abuse type. Many of these institutions have also been named in the Royal Commission into Abuse.

Our compassionate team understand the courage required taking that first step and even considering suing for compensation. We empathise that it can be daunting. You may be full of self-doubt asking;

What if they don’t believe me?
I don’t have any proof?

Or you may not recall some details. This a perfectly natural reaction to protect yourself from trauma.

Rest assured, through our database and access to survivor support groups we can help you fit the missing pieces of the puzzles together, if you want to pursue a claim.

We urge you to seek legal advice before entering the National Redress Scheme, where you will undoubtedly be short-changed. Cases through the National Redress Scheme are capped at $150,000 and we have obtained over $2M for some of our clients.

Take a stand against abuse and talk to an abuse lawyer today.